Monday, March 31, 2008

Tenaga National Killed My Kois

I knew that Saturday 29 March 2008 was supposed to be Earth Hour, whereby some cities in the world turned off unessential power usage for one hour at 8 pm. Unfortunately or maybe coincidently, some thieves stole cables from a few TNB distribution buildings near my area (Taman Pulai Utama). At least three areas were hit around 830 pm.

Although we reported the incident early, we were the last taken care off. From a senior TNB technician, who was also in the same PIBG committee with me, I was told only at 1230 am that our case was taken care off. By then, my nine kois in the small ponds were giving out loud sounds when they tried to breath from the surface instead of using their gills.

My family and I forgo sleep and took turns to create a manual aeration using our bathroom "cebok"(small buckets). Omar was energetic and actually refused to stop although he was tired. We had to do the cebok thing for a couple of hours before power was revived around 230 am. We manage to revive six but three of the kois died.

We would be writing a formal letter to TNB asking for compensation for the dead kois.

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Muhammad Izzuddin Syakir Hj Ishak said...

Salam Dr Mac, poor Kois, so any progress regarding to the compensation?

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Gunung Ledang, 21 February 2010
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