Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Malaysian Nature Society, Johor Branch Strategic Planning Weekend, 19 - 21 Feb. 2010

We spent last weekend at the Taman Rimba Lagenda, Taman Negara Johor to discuss and produce our strategic planning for the next 3 - 5 years. Unfortunately, only some of the MNSJ Committee members were present, probably due to the fact that it is still too close to the Chinese New Year holidays. But we finished the process and the Strategic Plan would be sent through the e-mail to all MNSJ members.

On Sunday, we have some time to drive up to Gunung Ledang via the Telekom Road and hike the remaining 20 minutes hike up to the Ledang Peak. Mr. Chew Keng Lin, the Manager of Taman Rimba Lagenda was also with us.

On the way down, we surveyed the sides of the road after the water supply point to see  how many slipper orchids are there needed to moved away to safer locations - away from the grass-cutter's deadly blades. This is one of the three options given for activities during the MNS AGM in September.

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Gunung Ledang, 21 February 2010

Gunung Ledang, 21 February 2010
On the Peak of Gunung Ledang after the MNSJ Strategic Planning

Malaysian Nature Society, Johor Branch


I am the present Chairman of the Malaysian Nature Society, Johor Branch (MNSJ) (2010-11) and was duly elected as the President of the Malaysian Nature Society at the 63rd AGM at Taman Rimba Lagenda Ledang, Tangkak on 25th Sept. 2010. It is MNSJ's standing policy to engage directly with the relevant Federal and State agencies/departments on issues related to Nature and the Environment. This non-hostile approach is more effective than the hostile "in your face" attitude but we would have our say if necessary.


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