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Long Term Water Supply Disruptions at the Orang Asli Villages of Kg Pasu, Kg Pian and Kg Kuala Terbol

On the way to Kg Baharu, Jerantut, I made a detour to visit Kg Pasu, Kg Pian and Kuala Terbol – three of the Orang Asli villages near Kuala Krau, Temerloh, Pahang. These villages are under ADUN Jenderak and Parliamentary District of Kuala Krau. These villages are situation on Rural Road C141, which connect Kuala Krau to Damak (Jerantut).

My friend, Sdr Shafie Dris mentioned to me about the continuous water problem at these three Orang Asli kampongs – Kg Pasu has 134 families, and about 50 % have water supply problem – some more than others. A few families at the end of the village i.e. the ones closer to Kg Pian, has no choice but to source their water from a small stream up the hill about half a kilometer at the back of their houses. Unfortunately both the water quantity and quality is not the best due to the landuse nearby (oil palm and rubber small holdings). After the visiting the site, we suggested a better location about 200 meters or so upstream of the original site.

Orang Asli Villages of Kuala Krau - on Rural Road C141 to Damak

Discussion with the Orang Asli of Kg Pasu (1)

Discussion with the Orang Asli of Kg Pasu (2)
Original GFS Source for Some Kg Pasu Villagers (1)

Original GFS Source for Some Kg Pasu Villagers (2)

Original GFS Source for Some Kg Pasu Villagers (3)

New GFS Source Proposed for Some Kg Pasu Villagers

Dry taps in some parts of Kg Pasu

Kg Pasu

Barrels for mobile PAIP water trucks to fill, Kg Pasu
The situation in Kg Pian and Kg Kuala Terbol is different altogether – no water from the mains, which can be prominently seen on the roadside for the last year or more. There are supposed to be 138 families from 60 or so houses in both villages. For their water supply, the villagers from Kg Pian and Kg Kuala Terbol pooled up their resources to build a network of Gravity Feed System (GFS) using Sg Pupuwer (a tributary of Sg Krau) to bring water to the houses. Incredulously, the Village Committee (JKKK) of Kg Pian recently gave permission for logging to be carried out in the Bukit Galong, the watershed for Sg Pupuwer. An open conflict has occurred with some villagers created a blockade, denying heavy vehicle access to the logging area on Bukit Galong.

Villagers Pointing to Sg Pupuwer Watershed (Bt Galong) at Kg K. Terbol
Sg Pupuwer, a tributary of Sg Krau, at Kg Kuala Terbol

Sg Pupuwer at Kg K Terbol - GFS Source for Kg Pian & Kg K Terbol

Villagers Pointing to the GFS Pipe for Kg Pian & Kg K. Terbol

Kg Kuala Terbol

GFS Pipe for Kg Pian

Villagers pointing to the Logging Blockade Site, Kg Pian

Logging Blockade Site

The Signage for the Logging Concession to Bukit Galong, Kg Pian

Logging Blockade at Kg Pian

Pengurusan Air Pahang Berhad (PAIP) has tried to resolve the water supply problem by constructing a booster pump (pam pengalak) at Lubuk Wong as well as water storage tanks nearby in 2013. Unfortunately, both are unused until now – probably due to the fact that no water reaching the boaster pumps.

Empty Storage Tanks at Lubuk Wong

Booster Pumps at Lubuk Wong (1)

Booster Pumps at Lubuk Wong (2)

On another note, Sg Krau, which is flows near the villages, is relatively clean (Class I stream) but the Orang Asli refused to use it except for taking bath in it. This is probably due to the fact that there are villages upstream as well as the presence of the Perlok Fisheries Research Center, which discharge wastewater into Sg Krau.

Sg Krau at Kg Pian

Waterless Mains on Rural Road C141 (to Damak)

Rural Road C141 (to Kuala Krau)

Diving and Swimming Hole at Sg Krau, Kg Pian

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